Tamil Music

  • Anyone, who does not love beauty is to say that he or she is not an intelligent ; we can not say that he or she is a full civilized person.
  • many beautiful arts are there!. They are architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and epic art. In ancient times, our country gave the architecture and sculpture of the same name to a single sculpture. But architecture is different; Sculpture is different.
  • Including drama art with epic art. In the arts of art, the classical and classical arts were split into two parts: theory, music and drama. They said that they were passive art. Setting up the story in poetry and versatility is called a passage. Singing music with music is called music tamil. It is known as the Tamil drama of the story. Drama Tamil includes dance, dance, kuttu. Thus, the beauty of art, the art of art, the art of painting, the art of music, the dance, theater.
  • We are delighted with the beauty of the beauty of the arts, listening to the ear and heart. Now, let's explain this. The art of architecture is the art of art. Being silent, we see the building from a distance
  • second is a sculptural man, a form of natural objects in the world of animals, birds, and plants, and the imagination of imaginative objects. This sculpture is more technological than architecture. We see this too.
  • Third, the art of painting is more than sculptural art. Paintings are painted with various colors in the form of all the things that are found in the world and the imagination of the unseen imaginable in the world. Paintings of the walls and fabrics were written in the past. The word picture is derived from the word boat. We are happy to see this from near.
  • Fourth of the art of music can not be seen. It is compulsory to hear from the ear.
  • The fifth art eclectic art is the most technical of all the above. Because you can not find this magic art with the eye. Whether you hear the ears or not, you can not only enjoy it. Sensitivity is crucial to catching epic art. Being sensitive to the senses, it is said that the art of fine art in art is said to be the most fine and the mensel. Dancing, Natyam, Kuttu and music related to the art of music are pleasing to the eyes.