Tamil Culture

  • Tamil is a national race. Tamil is the mother tongue of Tamils. Tamils belong to the South Asian Dravidian ethnic group who have written history of more than 2300 years. The oldest Tamil communities are from South India and Sri Lanka. Though Tamils spread around the world today, their homeland is Tamil Nadu and Tamil Eelam. The Tamil culture is characterized by the Tamil language and Tamil traditions through the Tamil traditions, history, values, arts, and social, economic and political bases. While Tamil culture has been maintained, edited, and updated to the updated elements, it is a dialectical character that is constantly changing.
  • Sangam literature makes it clear that Tamils were best in culture and civilization about 2,000 years ago. The Tamils evolved the grammar for both the language and human life. In an Out of living (Aga Vazhvu and Pura Vazhvu) is considered as the peak of Tamil Culture. The civilization, culture, habits, lifestyle, government, ministry, governance, war, heroism and love of the people of the time have shown us. We are familiar with Tamil culture from Sangam literature.